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Planning :

Preparation of concept drawings for the proposed buildings viz., plans, sections, Elevations, 3D- views, walk through movies with conscious effort considering the aspects of site conditions, utility and economy. Necessary software is used for this purpose. Modifications and changes can be incorporated based on the suggestions by the clients.


Structural Design :

Structural Design and Analysis are based on the design codes applicable to typical provisions analysis considering various loads acting on the structural members at various critical conditions. Drawings are given with a very good detailing. Engineer Bharathirajan. Vey who is a specialised is well versed with the structural design principles.


Working Drawings :

Detailed Working drawings are given for various stages of the construction including interior design details, approval drawings, electrical, plumbing layout etc.


Construction Management :

On behalf of the client, we will execute the work by calling tenders, fixing of contractors and extract quality work from the contractors. This will ensure quality control, which is far difficult for the client to monitor.


Repair and Rehabilitation :

Structures which are showing signs of distress and deterioration are studied, analysed and put back to normal conditions. Latest repairing techniques are used for the retrofitting works.